About King_Meliodas

Hi my name is King but most of my friends call me Sensei or Wolf. I have been playing rocket league since season 3 and I've been constantly trying to get better. Ever since season 6, I think it was, I saw potential in me and I started grinding harder and started practicing more often. I finally hit champ in season 9 and from there I've been steadily climbing. I'm always willing to put 110% of what I got into this. I'm looking forward to the future.


About Tweedl3

Hi, I’m Tweedl3. I've played since season 4 and been in love with the game since day one of playing. 23yrs old from the state of Vermont. I’m in the Air Force and plan on having a career with them. Treats me well. Absolute Leverage is a special group to me because this is the first time I’ve ever had a solid group to play with every time I log in and I love the atmosphere. I look forward to running lots of tournaments and games with my teammates and to get better at this game!

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About Gibplant

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About Dinger

Hello, everyone, I’m dinger aka liquor bagels aka Connor aka con don. My roommate got me into rocket league last February and helped me learn the ropes, and I was happy to have made it to champ two seasons ago. I’m still champ 1, which I have found difficult to advance from without a solid team. I’m hoping that joining ALEV Blue will help me find ways to improve and bring my game to the next level. Looking forward to being a part of this team and ALEV as a whole. Cheers!

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About Techmullet

Hello, I'm techmullet, tech, mullet, or mitch. Whichever you want to call me. I have been playing rocket league since season 2. I pretty shit at the game, but I do enjoy playing competitively, and sometimes screwing around with all of my friends. I am currently going through nursing school. I live in TX, shoutout to @ALEV | OreO for wanting to move to the greatest country in the united states. But in all seriousness, I'm glad that I found a team where I can grow my skills further, and thank yall for welcoming me with open arms

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About RugRat

Hey my name is RugRat aka Jonny. I usually fluctuate from d3 to champ 1. I really am excited to be working with Alev, and seeing where this road takes me. I've been playing this game with the mindset of getting better and really trying to be the best I can be for about 2.5 years. I'm very excited to grow with my team and become a team to be feared, that is my goal. Thank you guys so much for this opportunity.