About Wiggles

Yo what it do? My name is Gavin but you can call me Turtle, Wiggles, Gavin. I have been playing CS:GO for about 5 years now. I  was quite competitive in a game called MX simulator a few years back and the guys I rode with got me into this.  I'm 18 looking to grow as a player on ALEV.


About Cyvix

Hey, I'm Tyler but I go by Cyvix in-game, I play as a lurker on ALEV Academy's CSGO Team. I'm 14 and picked up CSGO in late December 2017, I've got about 1500 hours and excited to be playing with ALEV.

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About Nep

Hello, my name is Tyler, but please call me Nep. I have been playing Counter-Strike since 2014. I have played on many, many teams, I have acquired well over 2.5k hours. I am a huge car person, so if I’m not practicing CS I am doing something with cars. A bit on the older side as I am already 21. I am excited to be apart of the ALEV CS Team and hoping great things are to come.


About Ozzy

Hello! My name is Ozzy, and I am a software developer, speedrunner, pianist and CS:GO player looking not only to improve at the game, but to make long-lasting connections and relationships along the way. I have been playing CS since 2016, clocking in more than 1700 hours. ALEV has been a great place to be thus far, and I hope to gain even more experience along my journey here! 

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About Jiffrey

Hey, the alias that I go by on the internet is Jiffrey. I’ve been playing video games for around 12 years and I am currently 16 years old. I picked up CSGO In late October of 2014, and I currently have over 3600 hours on record. I’ve been looking to join a dedicated E-Sports organization for a while now. I have been in and out of teams for the past few years, but a team that I stuck with for over a year was 2nd JUMP. I am still really good friends with all the guys on that team and I hope I create a long-lasting bond with the players in this organization too!