About MiaDyn

Yo, I’m MiaDyn (pronounced me-a-din), from Ontario Canada. I’ve been playing rocket league since season 2 starting out with freestyling for about a year and a half then went full comp, last year I made an entry back into the freestyling community and have been leading a mid-top freestyling team called CORRUPT for nearly a year now (that’s what the C is in the top left of my ALEV logo). My main goal in Rocket League is getting OreO to adopt me. I guess my only form of work is odd graphic design jobs my family and friends give me cause I’m only a sophomore. Happy to represent ALEV as always 

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About Vaniish

Hi, my name is Casey aka Vaniish or Van and live in the state of Minnesota. I'm 14 years old and currently a Freshman in high school. I've been playing rocket league since season two. I started off playing 2s with my friend from school almost every day after school, eventually took a break, and came back and ended up joining Absolute Leverage and Team CORRUPT. I currently am sitting at around 2.9k hours and grind the game almost every day. I've been in CORRUPT for about 9 months now and just recently joined Absolute Leverage about two weeks ago. I don't have any form of work so I'm happy to represent ALEV as much as possible.


About Legacyy

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About Ice

Hi, my name is Ervin aka Ice, a 17-year-old who has plans to go to college and become an engineer. I have been playing RL since Season 2, with about 2.5k hours invested in the game. At the beginning I looked at RL as a game to have fun and enjoy but as time progressed I transitioned to a more competitive mindset. Once I got my own computer I grinded, got Champ and then not too long I got Grand Champ in S11. I knew Legacy from when we tried out for Sway and we been friends ever since. Recently I got acquainted with Dyn and Vanish through a friend and we hit it off well since they are chill people who have similar tastes like me. Outside from RL, I play a variety of games with friends, I enjoy talking to whoever is available and just having a blast. I'm so glad and fortunate that Alev is giving me and the rest of the Dynasty team a chance to grow together.