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Hey, I'm OreO, aka cookie, Mr. cookie, Justin. I have been playing Rocket League since season 5. I have been apart of ALEV since the beginning, I have slowly made my way through the ranks. I enjoy playing Rocket League but my favorite games are Fallout series NV first. I am 28 yo married with 3 kids. From CO but want to move to TX soon. I work on carwashes all over my state. I am also a streamer. Looking forward to this org and seeing where it can take me!

sis vis pacem, para bellum

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About Darby

Winston Darby is the pinnacle of average talent in the Rocket League Esports environment. What he lacks in skill can be made up for with witty commentary for his team's enjoyment through the ups and downs of gameplay. Beginning in Season 3, he began playing with friends as a joke. Mocking the little rocket-powered cars and simple mechanics that his friends valued, he willingly handed over his ten dollars to begin the journey of secretly playing to one day join his friends and outplay them in this pathetically easy, C-level timewaster. Unknowingly, he began the exhausting mountain of ranking that plagued his marriage, friendship, and social life. He was determined, so he sought out help in the never helpful Rocket League community. By the time he reached 800 hours, he discovered that he could use a controller and not just the KBM he cherished so much. Hours of workshops, Squishy videos, and free play drove him into the arms of Limit, the co-founder of ALEV, looking for a local player who needed a partner for a local 2v2 tournament. From there, Limit thought Darby could be another warm body that could be just good enough to sub in for teams needing someone with a pulse and a Rocket League account. Somehow, he finds himself still in the org and playing on the ALEV Elite team. No one can predict how long his tenure will last, but we do know that without him, Oreo and Vague could potentially win RLCS... Or at least 20% more of their games.

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About DQ

Hi, I'm DQ, or Dairy Queen, but it's actually David Q. I'm 18 and I've been with ALEV for 13 months and have been playing the game since Season 2. Season 2-3 I was on keyboard cause I was dumb, and then I made a small brain move and switched to xbox where I played for Season 4-6. I switched back to pc on controller half way through season 6 and really started to play the game a lot around February of 2017. I highest MMR was in season 11 with 1691. I just started my freshman year of college at the University of Central Florida and recently made their CRL team. I'm looking forward to nae-nae'ing some teams with Majestic and Bojacks on ALEV eSports and seeing where we can go together.

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About Vague

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