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Hi, I'm Venom. I've been apart of ALEV for 3-4 months now and I've been playing ever since my champ 2 days. I hit grand champ season 11 7/31/2019 6:40 am after pulling an all-night grind session. Quite an interesting summer. I've been in 20+ different teams from the games Rocket League, Overwatch, CSGO, and ROBLOX even. I'm am 17 years old who sees Rocket League as a dream job, so I dedicate 3-5 hours a day to practice. I've also decided to move into online school so I can have more time to practice on the things I'm most passionate about, Rocket league. I hope to see some of you in the RLCS.


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About Porto

Hi everyone! My name is Caio Porto, but I usually go just by Porto. I was born in Brazil, I’m 19yo, I’m a DJ and Music Producer, and I have been playing Rocket League since season 1. However, until season 5 I was really dedicated to the freestyle team I created, so I did not play competitively at all. As with most Brazilians, I always loved and played soccer, so Rocket League was the perfect game for me to just have fun. I moved to L.A. to get my bachelor's degree and my experience as an international student has been pretty interesting, but I felt I needed an in-game experience too, and ALEV was the perfect opportunity for me to meet new people and play Rocket League with them. I’m always open to freestyle and play some ranked matches, so whenever you feel like, just hit me up!

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