About Dive

Hey guys! I'm Taylor, also known as Dive. I am 17 and have lived in Florida all my life. I have been playing Rocket League since Season 3 when one of my good friends gifted it to me on steam. I played it casually up until season 7 when I decided to grind and get on a team, played in some challenging tournaments but made some great friends out of the experience. I decided to quit Rocket League entirely when just 2 weeks before RLRS qualifiers my teammate decided to play for another team and we couldn't find a replacement soon enough. That was early 2018, but here I am now, just started to grind the game at the beginning of Season 11, almost 2 years from when I decided to quit the game entirely. I am more motivated than ever before and I am grateful for the opportunity that ALEV is giving me. I hope to win some nice tournaments and help make the people around me, not just my teammates, better players!


About Kyal

  • Kyle
  • 20 Years old
  • From Michigan 

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About Kourses

What it do baby! My name is Erick also known as Kourses or Big Chungus. I’m 22 years young and I represent the East Coast of Jersey. I’ve played Rocket league since I was a rising star in Season 3. I’ve played CoD competitively since MW2 and continue to do so till this day. I would love to hit GC in this game someday but I always solo q and I choke. I stream every now and then and I also love to bump to music while playing Rocket League so my coms is me singing music. I’m looking forward to playing under this org and seeing how far we could bang other people out. Let’s get this bread!

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About Majestic

Hey, I'm Majestic, 27 years old and drink bagged milk! From Ontario, Canada. I started playing RL on ps4 when the game got released for free. I'm addicted and can't stop, my highest MMR 1680 something. I have been part of Absolute leverage before it was Absolute. Only been on 1 other team. I'm currently on a team with Dq and Bojack looking forward to seeing how far we can go!  

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