About Prime

Hello, I’m Will or Prime I’ve been playing Rocket League since season 2 when it came out for free with Playstation Plus then started really playing in season 3 and on. I’m 18 just graduated high school and trying to pursue a career in gaming. I live in California with my family and I own the cutest cat in the west, Stark. I’m looking forward to growing with my team and having fun.


About Hydra


Hi y'all! The name is HydraFlood, Flood for short. I've played Rocket League since like Season 3 but took a lot of time away before getting really serious about the game. I'm 20 years old, and I'd love to outreach into the community to meet fellow dedicated players. I've always loved sports as a kid, playing soccer, basketball, and some volleyball - and Rocket League feels the closest to a legitimate sport in the electronic gaming community. My favorite food is Mexican [anything] and I don't have a favorite color. Love positive vibes, always tryna keep my head above water! Feel free to hmu, always down for a convo!

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About Chicane

Good morning everyone. My name is Ty or Tyler; I don't care what you call me. I'm 24. I live in Missouri. I bought my first house last year. I work as a Sales Coordinator for a machine tool manufacturer. I've been with Alev for 6+ months. I was on green with Mr. E and Jo. I'm currently placed c1 but I was ranked c2 last season. I'm currently working on boost management and getting quicker to the ball. I take criticism really well so I want to learn. I play multiple times throughout the week and weekend. Looking forward to taking ass and kicking names with ya


About Mr. E

Hey, I’m Mr.E, ALEV’s best caster and current sub for the esports team. Been playing since preseason 1 but really got serious around season 4. I used to be on Rocket League World’s team but was brought onto ALEV shortly after its creation. Outside of Rocket League, I’m an audio engineer and producer, as well as Oreo’s #1 frustration (a job I take great pride in within the org)! In closing, I have to say ALEV is a great family to be a part of and a better org to represent, and I’m looking forward to seeing where the team goes.

                                                 “Wherever you go, there you are!”

                                                                      - the late, great, Professor Irwin Corey