Our Mission

 "Absolute Leverage is a non-profit eSports organization focused on impacting the lives of the less fortunate and children in need.  We seek to be a light in the darkness for others and strive to give back to communities.  Our events, giveaways, tournaments, and organizational fundraisers provide a unique opportunity to change lives and shed the stigma within the gaming community. Join us and help level the playing field for those who need it most.

 Helping kids champion their traumatic situations, be it, physical abuse, mental abuse, sex trafficking, or just simply being alienated is part of the reason that Absolute Leverage Esports came to be.  Particularly, knowing that kids get bullied so often in the gaming community, is where my heart hurts for these kids.  Being a light in the darkness of others and possibly shedding just a little light may be the deciding factor in helping change the course of lives. Reaching out to all organizations and offering services to those kids they may know, could possibly give families and organizations a means to help these kids in need."