Eric "Fizzwink"

 I am Eric, aka, Fizzwink.  I, along with Gordon (GoPastTheLimit), founded Absolute Leverage Esports on the foundation of being able to reach out and help kids in need.  This has grown into something more that I could have ever imagined.  Not only are we being able to compete in most gaming tournaments, we have been able to create an awareness of what ALEV is all about: fighting back against child abuse (all types), bullying, and helping kids to build their self esteem and feel better about who they are and what they feel.  My goals for ALEV are to see ALEV grow into the organization that I want it to be, reaching as many kids as we can, and changing the lives of those kids that need it the most. 


Gordon "GoPastTheLimit"

 Hey! I'm Gordon, but also known as GoPastTheLimit - or Limit for short. I'm 32 and living in Florida. I started playing Rocket League since day one and have been a Grand Champ since season 3. I'm the creator of one of the biggest Rocket League Facebook pages, Rocket League World - which has over 22,000 members. I'm blessed to have co-founded Absolute Leverage eSports with Fizzwink and coach many teams under our non-profit. I look forward to a bright future to change the world of eSports, Rocket League, and the community as our organization looks to do amazing things. 



Justin "OreO"

 Hey, I'm OreO, aka cookie, Mr. cookie, Justin. I have been playing Rocket League since season 5. I have been apart of ALEV since the beginning, and I have slowly made my way thru the ranks of this amazing organization. I enjoy playing Rocket League but my favorite games are Fallout series NV first. I am 28 years old married with 3 kids. I'm originally from Colorado but want to move to Texas soon. I work on carwashes all over my state. I am also a streamer. Looking forward to this organization and seeing where it can take me! 


Jacob "TheBlackMagician"

Hey, I'm Jacob, your friendly neighborhood magician. I am a Senior at Texas A&M studying Visualization which is a fancy way of saying I'm a visual designer. My focus is Game and Website Design and my goal is to become a game developer at a successful and loved company. My favorite games are Rocket League and League of Legends and you can pretty much guarantee I'm playing one of them if I'm not busy working.



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